Terms & Condition

Terms and Conditions ( For Customers)

  • Booking confirmation: A booking is confirmed only when the client has made the payment in advance. If the booking process is initiated but not completed via the website, Usicly cannot be held responsible for its cancellation, delay, or any other issue relating to it.
  • Payment: Our website accepts online payment through various modes. In some cases, we also support cash on delivery. But the payment should be made to the artist before starting of the event.
  • Travel expenses: Our clients are required to bear the expenses incurred on the artist’s transportation, food, and accommodation.
  • Special permissions: Certain events that involve fireworks and other hazardous activities need special permission from the local government authority. Usicly will not be directly or indirectly involved in the process of obtaining such permissions. And, it will be the client’s responsibility to procure them.
  • Direct contact with artists: Clients can establish one-to-one communication with the artists. But in case of any changes in the event’s timing or its cancellation, Usicly must be made aware of it.
  • Poor performance: Usicly cannot be held liable in case of unsuccessful completion of an event. Rather the musical band or artist will be responsible for this.
  • Refund and replacement: In case an artist or performer does not manage to perform on time due to illness or any other reason, Usicly will provide you with a suitable replacement artist of the same standard. Alternatively, you can also ask for a refund for that particular category. If Usicly fails to source a replacement artist, then the client shall receive a full refund. If the client accepts a replacement performer for the event, then the original terms and conditions will be considered.
  • Cancellation: If a client wants to cancel the booking, then he/she must inform Usicly through email/call/WhatsApp. It is also your responsibility to inform the artist or musical band in such a case. In case of cancellation, the money may be either fully or partially refunded, depending upon how early you are informed regarding this.
  • Delayed event schedules: If an event is extended beyond the actual time, then the client will be required to pay for the overtime. This payment should be decided 24 hours before the commencement of the event. If the event is rescheduled or delayed, without giving prior notice, then the artist has the right to refuse to perform.
  • Performance conditions: The artist can demand adequate performance space, sound system, safety, food, accommodation, and other facilities. The client should ensure all such provisions which he/she has agreed upon. If the performance condition does match what has been agreed upon with the client, then the artist can refuse to perform. Plus, the artists are entitled to their full fee if they provided evidence of unacceptable conditions.
  • Dispute resolution: Usicly is not responsible for the unprofessional behavior of an artist. But we may help our clients to take legal action based on the evidence. If any artist or band creates a problematic situation at the venue, then the client must inform us about this incident at the earliest. However, to prove their point, the client must provide us with suitable evidence. If possible, we will handle the issue by providing a replacement artist or a refund. However, if the client fails to provide us with proper evidence, then the default position is for artists to receive their fees.
  • Disintermediation: If our clients book an artist, singer, musical band, or folk performer through Usicly, they agree not to sell this service to any third party. They can use these artists only for the agreed function or event. And, they do not have to establish a one-to-one contact with them for further bookings or events.
  • Insurance: Hazards arising from the venue or event activity cannot be neglected. Therefore, a client has to ensure that the artist has procured public liability insurance. Usicly does not take responsibility for the damage due to poor and inadequate safety measures at the event ground. It is entirely the onus of the client to ensure proper ground conditions that prevent accidents. Moreover, the client should buy an insurance plan to cover any damage or loss due to mishappening at the event.
  • Data theft or hacking: We have secured our website with the help of the latest technology firewalls. Moreover, we follow all the major protocols to protect clients’ data. However, we still assure our clients that any attempt to steal their information will be dealt with as per Indian law.

Terms and Conditions ( For Artists)

  • Booking Cancellation: We act as an intermediary between the artist and the client. However, if the client cancels the event at least 24 hours before the scheduled time, we are not responsible for providing any compensation to the artist.
  • No endorsement: We do not advertise any artist or band on our platform. Rather, we only provide authentic information that has been provided by the performer or company itself. Therefore, our artists should provide genuine information about them. If any dispute or problem arises due to fake information about the artist or band, we do not take responsibility for it.
  • Dispute: Our artists are requested to carry a professional attitude. If any dispute arises at the event, Usicly is not responsible for resolving it.
  • Failure of the event: If case of failure of an event or a bad performance by an artist, Usicly has the right to stop payment and cancel the membership of the artist.
  • Payment: As we work as an intermediary between the client and the artist, the performer gets the money as per the agreement with the client. If the client does not send the payment due to any reason, we are not liable to clear it.
  • Damage: If any sort of damage or accident occurs to the property due to the negligence of the artist, we are not liable for covering it.